Bum Rap – Paul Levine

Jake Lassiter is a former NFL linebacker turned lawyer who is fed up with dealing with shady clients. Just once he would like an innocent client that actually tells him the truth. He thinks he has found just that when Victoria Lord calls needing him to represent her law partner and lover who is accused of murder. He claims he is innocent and that he was just trying to help a client that walked into his office.

That client? A beautiful “Bar Girl” that wants out of the business now that she’s found true love. Unfortunately she’s disappeared. Jake knows that if he doesn’t get to her before anyone else his client’s case is lost.

Bum Rap starts off with the crime and defendant being introduced which sets the story up well. Shortly after that we see the entrance of Jake Lassiter. This is not the first book in a series about Lassiter but that won’t be a problem if this is your first time picking one up, as was the case for me. I enjoy legal thrillers and was curious after hearing about the premise. The action started quickly and then tapered off as the story progressed. Not enough to make the story boring but enough to make it lag at times. Since I haven’t read any of the previous in the series, I can’t say if it would help having the back story of Lassiter in this story.  For me it wasn’t necessary, the story flowed easily. At times there was a little bit of sexual talk and harsh language but it could have been much worse.

A legal thriller is hard to keep action moving forward. If there is too much in the courtroom, it becomes dull very quickly. On the other hand you have to have that aspect of the story. A great legal thriller balances the courtroom drama with outside drama. Here the courtroom scenes were saved for the very end, the part that actually kept me the least engaged. Luckily, that was only the last few chapters. This was not the best legal thriller I have ever read but also not the worst. It was a quick read that told a good story.


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Author: Josh Olds

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