Blinded – Travis Thrasher

Picture it. You’re a businessman out in New York City. The business deal went bust and you’re just hanging out in a place downtown until the plane ride back to your lovely wife. Then this gorgeous young lady approaches you and asks if she can sit by you. Not a big deal, right? You’re not the kind of guy that girls named “Jasmine” give her phone number to. But you are today. And you might be a married man back home, but here in the big city you’re just another nameless face in the crowd.

From a literary standpoint, Blinded is one of the most unique novels I’ve ever read. Written in the present tense and second person, Travis Thrasher invites you to become Michael – a family man who finds himself distracted by, then concerned for, a young woman he meets while on a business trip. You soon find yourself in a tangled web of mystery and deceit with things becoming deadly.

Thrasher is one of the best pure writers I know of today. What other author would even attempt a second person novel, let alone do it well enough to get it published? Blinded takes us on a journey throughout New York City as you yourself wrestle with figuring out just who this Jasmine is, what she wants, and who is after her and why. You’ll never see the end coming, which is nothing at all like you’d expect.

Undoubtedly, some may find Thrasher’s writing style a turnoff for this novel, but at the very least it forces readers and fans to acknowledge Thrasher’s wide range of talent and artistic ability. For me personally, the use of the first person works better in getting me into the character’s head. The second person may have worked better had the character been more generalized and not given a name, but that would have been impossible given the storyline.

In any case, Thrasher gives us another solid story told in an incredibly unique way that will leave you with a new appreciation for the loves of your life, whoever they may be.

Mini Q&A with Travis

Josh: How did you pitch the concept of a story told in the second person?

I think I said “How about I do a story in second person?”

My editor said for me to try it and he’d see if it worked. He liked what he saw so said go for it. This was after several beers so . . . I’m joking.

Josh: Who is the primary audience for this novel? Do you think that even though the main character is male and it’s told in the second person, women will be able to enjoy the novel?

Travis: The primary audience for Blinded is a great question. I’d love to say guys, but really it’s just fiction readers willing to read something out of the box. I don’t think “enjoy” is the right word to use for women reading this. My hope is that they find it interesting to be inside the mind of a man who is not a complete pig but also is struggling with temptation.


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Author: Josh Olds

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  1. I admire Travis Thrasher because he travels outside the box and dares publishers to produce his novels. They work in so many ways. I love that he takes chances, that he does the “unacceptable”. Good, good writer. Even when I’m not too fond of a particular story of his, I appreciate what he’s done.

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  2. This book sounds really interesting. (: Yet another for my “to read” list. Thank you, Josh. 😛

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  3. My first Thrasher book. 🙂 I’m a girl, and I enjoyed it. Like he said, it was an interesting look into someone else’s mind. And the 2nd person gave it a very unique feel.

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  4. This book sounds really unique and interesting.

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  5. Another winner for Travis Thrasher! Great read, great characters, some very real life issues addressed within. Read this book, Thrasher will take you on quite a journey with this one!

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