The Big Pig Stampede – Bob Hartman

Want to engage your child in Scripture in a way he or she might find more fun than just straight-up reading the Bible? (Though encourage that too!) The Big Pig Stampede is your answer. Bob Hartman’s series of short stories tells some of the craziest moments of the Gospels from the eyes of Gideon, aka Goat Boy.

The story progresses in a somewhat linear fashion as Hartman tells the story first person narrative from Gideon’s perspective. Some of the stories lie on the periphery; others he gets put smack dab into the middle. Hartman really captures the voice of an eleven-year-old well and makes the story relatable and fun for kids right around (or just a bit younger than) that age.

The Big Pig Stampede doesn’t preach and isn’t a Bible story book. It’s just the fun tale of Goat Boy and his adventures…adventures that sometimes cross paths with some pretty wild circumstances. But it does always, always, always point toward the True Story. This is the type of story that will leave kids going “Wait. That’s real?” and scrambling to the Scriptures to read the real deal.

The Big Pig Stampede is an entertaining teaching tool, one that teaches without your kids even realizing it. (Shh! Don’t tell them they’re learning!) Encourage them to tell you the story in their own words and seek out the True Story together. At about twelve pages per chapter, a child could easily read one story a night. It’s just the perfect length for a short attention span and a budding reader.

I really can’t say enough good things about this book. It’s fun, quick, and clever. Oh, and Amerigo Pinelli’s illustrations are wonderful as well. This book is the total package. Put it on your kid’s shelf (or in their hands) today!


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Author: Josh Olds

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