Realer than Real – Ryan Wilkins

At the very core of this book is the idea that God is realer than real, finding Him in those moments you desperately need him. When those moments come along, and they don’t always come when you expect them (but they are there), we are reminded that our lives are taken care of and we have to have faith.

Told in the form of memoir, Wilkins invites the reader into his life and lives of his family. The raw depth and emotion exhibited by everyone helped to make the experiences they were going through all that more real for me as a reader.

He and his family suffered one tragedy after another and through it all he was able to find faith and stick with it. If not for that faith and the firm belief that God is Realer than Real, his life would have gone in an entirely different direction and he knows that. The fact that his entire family gave insight and deep emotional details into their own past and mistakes brought the story to an entirely different level.

This is not the type of book I readily pick up and dive into. Truth be told, I rarely find myself able to finish one. This book was different. Something about the story appealed to me and I took a chance. I finished in two days and sat thinking about the story long after. There was humor and heartbreak throughout the entire story, leaving it impossible for you to remain unaffected.

Realer than Real is a fast read that will stay with you after the last page. Wilkins’ honesty is raw and refreshing. If a heartwarming, God-honoring story is what you like, then this is the story for you. Life really is Story, and usually those stories are worth sharing. I’m glad Ryan chose to share his story with the world. It’s one that will change you if you let it.

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Author: Josh Olds

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