Daisy Hill – Jessub Flower

In an era predating phones, cars, or cameras, news of a disaster spreads by word of mouth. And in a disaster where no witnesses were left alive, word of mouth is exaggerated by rumor, suspicion, or excitement.

The truth is, no one really knows just what happened at Daisy Hill that day.

Enter the Reverend, a man whose identity has been swallowed up in his profession. He’s been having haunting dreams about a young woman in Daisy Hill, and he just can’t shake the feeling that God has called him there. Despite wanting nothing more in life than to just stop riding the circuit, settle down, and have a place called home, he cannot ignore the call any longer.

Things only get stranger from there. Vacant children and shadowy souls seem to hide behind the gated-in façade of the town of Daisy Hill. And to top it all off, the woman from his dreams is crying and in danger, begging for his help every night.

Daisy Hill is one of those books where the pacing perfectly balances the feeling of time passing while still dragging you along for the ride. Elements of the Reverend’s faith work their way naturally into the themes without being preach-y. And Flower ties it all together neatly at the end in a satisfying and realistic way, without offering easy answers or cheap comfort.

This was really a book unlike any book I’ve ever read. The bare skeleton is like almost any other good story, but the meat of the story is unique. Flower does an excellent job, and especially for a first-time author, of balancing all the little nuances of storywriting. He’s already started on his next work, and I for one look forward to seeing what he comes up with in the future.


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